Visit by team to SS Simon and Jude’s Primary School, Bolton

This morning team members Matthew Hailwood and our Equipment Officer – Base and Catering Paul Copley visited SS Simon and Jude Primary School, Newport Road, Bolton,  arriving at about 10.00hrs to be  greeted with a lovely cup of tea

The object of the morning was KS1 infants to interview people about their jobs for their IPC programme.

Parents were invited in as well to talk about their jobs…other work roles represented were Pilot, Police Care worker, farmer, fast food workers, school cook and Church Minister.

Paul and Matthew were interviewed by about eight groups of children consisting of about six children a group.

Questions asked were:

  • Where do you work
  • How do you get to work
  • What do you wear for work
  • What do you like best about your work.

Once this had finished they had a break and were again treated to a cup of tea and this time toast.

Paul and Matthew were then asked to remain behind to give the same children who interviewed them (approximately sixty)  a small demonstration in the school hall.

Matthew and Paul gave a demonstration of our vacuum splits and then the Bell mountain rescue stretcher, with the unsuspecting Teaching Assistant Claire Gorman being put on the stretcher and treated to a small stretcher carry and what we would do if Miss Gorman was sick on the stretcher – resulting in her being held upside down on the stretcher much to the pupils delight.

They then took the pupils out to the school yard to look at our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance, radio call sign ‘Bolton Mobile 4,’ and were delighted to a quick blast of the vehicles siren and blue lights….

Paul and Matthew would like to thank the Pupils and staff at SS Simon and Judes for asking them to come in to be interviewed, and for making them feel so welcome.

Special thanks to Claire Gorman our casualty and Sharon for the lovely toast.