Wednesday evening, main evening exercise / training

Tonight an enthusiastic and very interested audience of thirty Call Out list members, one trainee team member and seven probationary team members, were treated to a very thorough and comprehensive presentation by team member Mark Scott entitled ‘Drugs for use by qualified Casualty Carers in the team.’

Commencing at 20.00hrs at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ, Mark with his typical thoroughness and good humour kept everybody’s attention on this important topic right up to the end at 22.15hrs.

Mark covered recent changes to the drugs we can use, and answered all questions put to him.

Alistair Greenough our Training Officer, and an Accident and Emergency Nurse by profession, also had some input tonight, informing us of some changes to the contents of our six Trauma Sacs, recently implemented by our Equipment Officer – Medical Nigel Booth, in consultation with Alistair.

Overall an extremely informative and interesting evening, with our thanks to Mark Scott for all his hard work keeping us informed on this topic.