Incident 93/2014 – SARDA call to assist Bowland Pennine MRT

At circa 19.00hrs this evening, whilst preparing to take part in a exercise with Swaledale MRT, our Trailing Dog Handler Steve Nelson and his usual navigator, colleague team member Elaine Gilliland, and of course Trailing Search Dog Boris (All of SARDA Wales) were called out to support a developing missing person search being conducted by Lancashire Constabulary and Bowland Pennine MRT.

The planned for search operation was in the vicinity of Latham, Ormskirk, and involved the report of a missing woman.
With Bowland Pennine MRT and SARDA resources being contacted and mobilising to this search, including Steve, Elaine and Boris, at 20.15hrs Steve and Elaine were stood down responding, with the news that the missing woman had been located by Lancashire Constabulary.