Further news on Rotary Club of Radcliffe visit of Monday 27th October 2014

We reported on the evening of Monday 27th October 2014 on a visit made to the Rotary Club of Radcliffe by experienced team member Chris Tennant.

Chris attended as their after dinner speaker at their Masonic Hall, Bury New Road, Breightmet, Bolton, meeting venue.

Not previously reported was the presentation to Chris of a ‘Speakers Certificate,’ on behalf of the members of Radcliffe Rotary Club, as “a token of appreciation on the occasion of your address.”

The Rotarians at Radcliffe have very kindly promised future support of the Bolton MRT.

Again not previously reported was the kind donation on the evening of £10.00 from an individual Radcliffe Rotarian present, stating to Chris that he had been given the use of some pictures by an acquaintance and in lieu of payment he had decided to give a donation to a Mountain Rescue Team – we were the first Team he had come across since, and hence we benefitted from his thoughtfulness.

The Bolton MRT would like to thank the Rotarians at Radcliffe Rotary Club for their interest in our voluntary search and rescue work within the local community.