Support Group meeting this evening welcomes two potential new members

This evening saw our last Support Group meeting of the year (none are held in December)

Support Group members present included Dave Rees, Sarah Hindle, Amanda Strickleton, Steve James, Iain Clarkson, Julie Thompson and Gillian Gregory who is also our Team Secretary.

Our Team President Bob Hutchinson attended in his capacity as the link between the operational team membership and our Support Group.

Two potential new members attended this evening for their first Support Group meeting; Peter Heeley of Bolton (an ex-team member) and Diane Smith of Horwich (who had attended our new recruits intake in October but decided to transfer her membership ambition and now join our Support Group)

Peter Heeley joined the operational team in February 2007 and throughout his two and a half years with us up to his leaving in September 2009 he regularly attended almost all team activities and also worked in the background with a large number of administrative tasks, including organising the annual Team Dinner on two occasions.

Peter rejoined the team for a short period in October 2011, but family and work meant he had to leave again shortly afterwards.
All who know Peter from his past times in the team welcome him back in to the team.

Our Support Group members will be out assisting the team on our Vehicles / Trailers / Boat and Base / HQ valet and vehicle checks day this Sunday 23rd November, and then during our display at GMFRS Farnworth Community Fire Station Open Day on Saturday 29th November 2014.