Incident 94/2014 – Search in North Wales

At circa 12.30hrs today our Mountain Rescue Trailing Dog Handler Steve Nelson, Elaine Gilliland his usual navigator, and of course Trailing Search Dog Boris (all members of SARDA Wales) were requested to take part in a continuing search operation by North Wales Police in the Llandudno area.

North Wales Police had issued social media appeals regarding a missing 38 years old man, believed to be in the Llandudno area.

Steve, Elaine and Boris were deployed upon arrival, in the general Little Orme area, where resources from Ogwen Valley MRO, NEWSART, and other SARDA Wales Search Dog teams were also deployed, alongside the RNLI, Coastguard assets and North Wales Police.

By 18.45hrs Steve, Elaine and Boris had all returned home, with North Wales Police still continuing their enquiries to locate the missing 38 years old man.

This search today represented Steve’s fourteenth operational search deployment, excluding searches undertaken directly within Bolton MRT, of which there have been many.

Also excluded from this figure are the many instances where Steve (and Elaine) this year has received an initial request to possibly attend a search, but are then subsequently no longer required.

All of this of course takes place alongside Steve and Elaine deploying to a great many rescue incidents within Bolton MRT.