Visit to team by 7th Bolton Scout Group

Tonight at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ team members Paul Copley (Our Equipment Officer –Base / Catering) Matthew Hailwood and probationary member Heath Doran hosted Ian Griffith and 14 members of his 7th Bolton Scout Group.

On arrival the Scouts were welcomed by Matthew and then shown a couple of DVDs on mountain rescue followed by a short question and answer time

At this point all the group were taken down to the very cold garage (ah for some heating in here) where they participated in a hands on session with ‘exercise casualty’ Emma from the visiting Scouts, who feigned a broken leg.

They duly splinted Emma’s leg…following that the Scouts then carried the stretcher around the grounds of Ladybridge Hall after a briefing on how to do so…

All then had a discussion at what the team carries on the team Vehicles with again a question and answer session about the content and what we used them for.

At this point one of the Scouts helpers advised the Scouts were going on a night time hike on the 8th December so we were asked to talk to the Scouts about the correct kit to take on their walk and why you should always have the correct kit

Their end time of 20.30hrs soon came so the Scouts had to leave, being sent on their way with an appropriate leaflet about being safe on the hills and as they were going on a night time hike, each was  given a light stick to take on their hike.

It was also suggested by Matthew, Paul and Heath that they might turn up on the Scouts hike to check they had the correct kit for their hike, but they were not sure the Scouts believed them or not !!!!!!! Paul, Matthew and Heath would like to thank the 7th Bolton Scout Group for their enthusiasm, interest and great questions they posed to them.