Visit to team by 25th Bolton South (Lostock) Cubs

Tonight the team hosted a visit to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ by the 25th Bolton South (Lostock) Cub Scout Pack, for a lecture and kit demonstration on the workings of the team, hillwalking safety, and volunteers who work in the community.

Fifteen Cub Scouts, a Cub Scout Leader and a willing parent were present tonight and were met by Equipment officer – IT and Communications Steve Fletcher, Naomi Horan, Equipment Officer – Base and catering Paul Copley, Matthew Hailwood, Call Out Contact Mike Marsh and probationary member Heath Doran.


Various kit demonstrations took place both indoors and outdoors and a great number of questions were asked by the Cubs!

The team would like to thank the 25th Bolton South (Lostock) Cub Scouts for the interest shown in the work of the team.