O2 promotional video on the work of NSARDA

On Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th November 2014, our DVSD Dog Handler Dave Marsh with his DVSD Search Dog Sasha was involved in an NSARDA public relations activity centred upon the Loggerheads area of north east Wales, supported by NEWSART, with amongst others, handlers and dogs from SARDA Wales in attendance.

Dave attended with our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance vehicle Bolton Mobile 4 and our 3.4 metre long SAR Boat.
On the Wednesday Dave was joined by Bolton MRT colleagues, Trailing Dog Handler Steve Nelson and Elaine Gilliland, both in SARDA Wales, and Trailing Dog Boris, at the same event.

This video produced for NSARDA by O2 , has now been published.

Look out for Dave and Sasha, Steve, Elaine and Boris on this excellent video.