North West 4×4 Response come to the rescue of our Team Leader

Early this very cold and damp afternoon our Team Leader suffered a serious tyre puncture in his private car whilst out in the Little Hulton area.

The puncture resulted in a rapid tyre deflation, pulling off the busy main road in to a side street, Garry duly got out the spare wheel (a major task if you know what he usually carries in the boot above the spare tyre!) jacked up his car, and released all the wheel nuts …. so far so good.

However the alloy wheel refused to budge from the axle, being firmly ‘stuck on.’

The advice from where Garry normally gets his punctures fixed (too often!) was to gently hit the tyre / wheel with a lump hammer to break the ‘seal.’

Ok if you have one, but not ok if you do not have one to hand, all the contents of your boot are out on the floor, your car is jacked up and its about to pour down!

Garry then noticed a nearby Land Rover Discovery belonging to our friends at North West 4×4 Response – and guessed that it was highly likely the driver would have the requisite item to loosen Garry’s stuck on alloy wheel.

Amazingly the Disco was occupied, and Howard Buckley, of North West 4×4 Response came to Garry’s rescue, the wheel was quickly loosened, the spare went on, and Howard bade Garry a farewell to get the tyre fixed JUST before the rains started.

So a big thanks to North West 4×4 Response for coming to Garry’s aid today.