Very kind large donation from Haigh, Aspull and Blackrod Ploughing Match

On Sunday 28th September 2014, we reported within the website on Bolton’s annual ploughing competition taking place, hosted on the land of Brinsop Hall Farm, off the A6 Chorley Road, Westhoughton, Bolton.

It was the sixth event to be held in the borough after Blackrod Town Councillor and ex farmer Graham Farrington revived the contest following a fifty year break.

Competitors travelled from far and wide to take part in the ploughing competitions, which even saw some of the vintage tractors taking part having been driven from as far as Urmston in one case, whilst other vintage tractors were brought along on trailers.

A variety of ploughing / tractor classes existed, including young farmers and classic ploughs, the overall aim being to plough the neatest area of land.

Donations at this event were kindly in support of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

Charles Heeley, the owner of Brinsop Hall Farm, kindly hosted the event on his land.

Back in September 2010, the team was involved in a search at Brinsop Hall Farm for the uncle of Charles Heeley, with sadly 83 years old Mr Charles Gordon Gregory, known as Gordon, being found deceased by the team in a pond near the farm. (Please see website ‘News’ item dated Friday 24th September 2010, Incident 80)

Following the funeral of the late Mr Charles Gordon Gregory, a substantial donation of £542.00 was kindly made to the Bolton MRT in lieu of flowers, to the memory of Gordon Gregory.

Dropping in at the event were team members Matthew Hailwood and John Dickinson in our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance call sign ‘Bolton Mobile 1,’ and our Equipment Officer – Ropes and Stretchers, Mike O’Brien and Martin Battersby in our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance call sign ‘Bolton Mobile 2.’

Today we are very pleased to announce via the Charities Aid Foundation, the receipt of a substantial donation from Mr Charles Heeley of Brinsop Hall Farm, Westhoughton, of a large donation of £475.00 arising from the Ploughing Match held at Brinsop Hall Farm on 28th September 2014.

This is a wonderfully kind and thoughtful donation and the entire team membership wishes to thank Charles Heeley and all associated with the ploughing match for their appreciated kindness in supporting Bolton Mountain Rescue Team in this unique manner.

(On Thursday 14th November 2013, we reported within our website that the team had received via the Charities Aid Foundation a very kind and sincere donation from Mr Charles Heeley of Brinsop Hall Farm, Westhoughton, of £285.00 raised by the Haigh, Aspull and Blackrod Ploughing Match of 2013, which was also held at Brinsop Hall farm, Brinsop Hall Lane, Westhoughton, Bolton)

Please also see website ’news’ entries; Incident 80-2010 dated Friday 24th September 2010, website ’guestbook’ entry dated Tuesday 28th September 2010, Friday 7th January 2011, Thursday 14th November 2013 and Sunday 28th September 2014.