‘Last’ Valet day of the teams year

This morning saw the commencement of our last valet day of the year, usually held on the last Sunday of every month.

Twenty two team members attended, made up of eighteen operational members, one Trainee team member, two probationary members and Support Group member Iain Clarkson.

All our vehicles as usual were cleaned exterior and interior, kit was checked over (Again and again!) our SAR boat was checked and cleaned, and our Base / HQ was vacuumed and dusted.

Steve James, a Support Group member currently also a probationary member for the operational team, also attempted to use up some of the large amount of blue decorative tinsel recently kindly donated to the team, and very nice our metal roof support struts now look with their tinsel surrounds!

Following all the cleaning and checking, nine team members then went in to the teams operational moorland area in three team vehicles for the afternoon.