Hit that ‘refresh’ button on your keypad – you might be in for a surprise!

To all our truly appreciated friends who follow our website, please note that we regularly update our website reports by adding more details and often photographs.

Additional reports are sometimes placed in their correct date order, back dated so to speak.
One little problem is our ‘News’ pages as displayed do not sometimes display some updates / additional reports unless you hit your screen ‘refresh’ button ……. and hey, sometimes a lot more suddenly appears!

Such has been the case this week, with our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE who contributes so much to our website, having been away in Italy ski-ing December 14th until December 21st (and excellent it was too he states) and has been busy since his return over many a late night and early morning, once family duties have ended, updating and adding reports of happenings whilst he was away and since his return.

So do ‘revisit’ our website ‘News’ reports for the period Friday 12th December 2014 onwards – you’ll be quite surprised at what has been added. Also do hit that ‘refresh’ button regularly (starting now) even more reports might be revealed.