Incident 100/2014 – Ankle injury after slipping on ice on Darwen Moor

At 12:12 today the team was contacted by the North West Ambulance Service (Lancashire) to assist with an incident where a lady had slipped on ice.

The 64 year old lady had been walking with family members descending the track from Darwen (Jubilee) Tower where she had slipped on ice suffering a suspected ankle fracture. The party were able to give an accurate grid reference to the ambulance control centre which assisted in our team being able to access her location quickly.

First on scene was Paul Brain who was able to direct the Land Rover ambulance with more members to the casualty site, and provide some protection from the cold weather with a shelter.


After stabilising the casualties ankle with a vacuum splint and administering pain killing gas, the casualty was transferred to a mountain rescue stretcher and carefully carried down the icy path to the main road by the Sunnyhurst Inn.


Here the casualty was transferred into the back of our BM3 Land Rover ambulance where she was transported to Royal Blackburn Hospital.


In total 17 full Team Call Out members attended this incident with 3 team vehicles., and one friend of the team, Maggie Allred.

We would like to thank the family of the casualty and other passing walkers who stayed on the hill helping to keep the casualty comfortable, and for other walkers who helped to guide our mountain rescue resources to the casualty location.

We would like to wish the lady a speedy recovery back to walking the hills of Darwen.