Garage tidy ups and winter kit on to all our Land Rovers

This morning at 10.45hrs team members met at our GMFRS Bolton Central Community Fire Station garage, where we house our Land Rover Defender Mountain Rescue Ambulance, radio call sign ‘Bolton Mobile 2,’ and our Volkswagen Crafter Incident Control Vehicle, radio call sign ‘Bolton mobile 6,’ to give our garage here a ‘good tidy up.’

Our stock of stored 2nd hand books here, was sorted and placed in to neater storage, some items were disposed of, and overall the whole garage area was tidied up and thoroughly cleaned out.

Members then moved on to our main Base / HQ at Ladybridge Hall, where our garage here – where we internally house Land Rovers radio call signs ‘Bolton Mobiles 3 and 4,’ was also given a complete tidy out, largely putting things back neatly on to all the shelving from whence it came!

The final task was placing certain items of winter kit on to all four of our Land Rovers, namely snow shovels, de-icer, ice and snow windscreen scrapers, and team ice axes.

This act alone usually guarantees that any forthcoming weather will be wet rather than snowy !

(We also have snow chains for all our Land Rovers, but ordinarily, due to their weight and bulk, these are only carried on our vehicles when snow conditions are likely to dictate their use, and so are generally kept in store alongside each Land Rover in our three strategic garage locations)

It total eleven full team Call Out list members, one Trainee team member and four Probationary members attended today to carry out these necessary work tasks.