Incident 19/2014 – Operational deployment for our DVSD Search Dog north of the border

Early this morning, raising at 04.45hrs, our DVSD Search Dog Handler Dave Marsh met up with colleague Bolton MRT team member Dave Cook (our Equipment Officer – Water) at 05.30hrs our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ to journey up to Dumfries to take part in an on going search enquiry operation.

They journeyed in our Land Rover Defender Mountain Rescue Ambulance, Bolton Mobile 4, along with our 3.4 metre long semi rigid inflatable SAR Boat, arriving in Dumfries after a three hour journey, at the appointed meeting time of 09.00hrs.

This request for Dave and his DVSD Sasha came from Police Scotland, and involved a search of the River Nith, using the highly specialist skills of our DVSD Sasha.

Dave Cook acted as driver, navigator and the ‘chap who looks after the chap’ during the course of searching.

Once their search areas were allocated, Dave Marsh, Dave Cook and Sasha alongside a member from Nith Inshore Rescue [Ronnie acting as guide] formed a small party undertaking specialised searches in the watercourses in and around the floodplain of the River Nith.

River Nith flood plain

The ground conditions underfoot were appalling due to unabated rain which had been falling since the unfortunate man had gone missing.

Large areas were searched in conjunction with other search and rescue assets present.

Vast tracts of the marshland of the Solway Firth were covered before the tide once more engulfed the areas.

Some areas were tasked for searching at a later date when local conditions would allow.

Also present and involved during todays extensive search operation, to try and locate the whereabouts of a missing 18 year old male, was Moffat Mountain Rescue Team, Galloway Mountain Rescue Team, Nith Inshore Rescue, HM Coastguard and Police Scotland resources.

Dave Marsh, DVSD Sasha and Dave Cook, following a debrief, all returned to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ at 18.30hrs this evening, after a long and tiring day.

Police Scotland enquiries continue, in an effort to locate the whereabouts of this missing young man.

Please also view the websites and Facebook sites of our colleague teams at Galloway and Moffat Mountain Rescue Teams for their reports on this search operation.