Please note the Team is not recruiting for the foreseeable future regards operational Call Out list membership.

We last held a team membership recruitment drive in Autumn 2014, and as a result we currently have seven persons with the team as ‘Probationary’ members, prior to a selection being made as to who progresses on to our one year long ‘Trainee Team membership’ period.

As a result of this intake last year, and with no foreseeable vacancies arising in the immediate future which will not be filled by our current ‘Probationary’ members, we are not recruiting for operational members.

When the need for recruitment does arise, we will advertise such in advance, within our website ‘news’ section and the associated Twitter and Facebook feeds.

If anybody is interested in future team membership, then in the interim, we are always on the lookout for persons to volunteer to act as an ‘exercise casualty’ on our weekly Wednesday evening exercises.

Volunteering for such gives those interested in joining the team an opportunity to see us, and of course gives us an opportunity to see you.

Due to the large number of operational potential membership enquiries we regularly receive, we do not keep such on record, we just ask that those interested in joining the team keep viewing our website and apply when we announce our next recruitment.

If you are interested in volunteering to be an exercise casualty – which at most will only entail us calling upon your services 2 or 3 times a year, then please contact our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE via

We will need you to supply brief details of your outdoor experience, your age, your home address, contact telephone number and you will need appropriate outdoor clothing (there’s sometimes lots of sitting around waiting for us to ‘rescue’ you) You will also need your own transport to meet us at the exercise venue.

Our Training Officer Alistair Greenough will then contact you to place you on our ‘exercise casualties’ register and contact you as and when required!