Kit checks and maintenance session starts off tonight’s weekly team meeting

Commencing at 20.00hrs, this very wet and gale force winds, stormy evening, assembled team members met at our Ladybridge hall Base / HQ to carry out a large variety of kit and maintenance checks.

Misplaced karabiners (what are they doing in this bag) were ‘re-found,’ minor vehicle repairs were carried out and fixed, a damaged roof rack cover on one of our Land Rovers was mended, team hand held search lights were routinely discharged and recharged, a donation of catering supplies was sorted out, our two Bell stretchers received their SAR-H ‘approval for use’ stickers / labels, our three SAR Alpine Lite Mountain Rescue stretchers were checked over (again) our smoke flares (for helicopter operations) were checked and replenished, and search and rescue ‘admin’ kept on all six of our team vehicles was checked / restocked.

Meanwhile our Equipment Officer- Medical Nigel booth, issued all Garage key holders in our membership with a new key (sounds a simple task, ask Nigel – it’s not) and Team webmaster and IT Techie Paul Brain, spent a long evening uploading our latest incident details to the national MREW incident database.
In total up to finishing at 21.00hrs, thirty two team members (25x Call Out list, 1x Trainee and 6x probationary members) spent a very busy time completing all these necessary ‘little jobs.’