Very kind and thoughtful donation from June Stemp, who we assisted and rescued on 29th December 2014

Today we are pleased to announce the receipt by our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, of a Thank You card and a very kind donation from Mrs June Stemp, who we rescued following her unfortunate slip and subsequent leg fracture, on the slopes below Darwen (Jubilee) Tower on Monday 29th December 2014.

In her Thank You card enclosing a £50.00 donation, Mrs June Stemp stated:

“Thank you very much for everything you all did for me and my family after my accident on Darwen Moors on 29.12.14.

My recovery is going well and, hopefully I will get back to full fitness and walking on the ‘moors’ again.

Please accept the enclosed donation from myself and my family in gratitude.

Thanks again, June Stemp and family.”

The whole team membership sends its sincere thanks to June and her family in return for this very kind donation, and we of course wish June a continuing full recovery to getting back to walking on her local Darwen moorlands.