Rope work training, Bradshaw Brook today

Meeting at 10.00hrs at GMFRS Bolton North Community Fire Station / Crompton Way, where we garage our Land Rover Defender Mountain Rescue Ambulance, Bolton Mobile 1, courtesy of GMFRS, four team members assembled for a day of rope work training.

Present was our Equipment Officer – Medical, Nigel Booth, (Who is the GMFRS Watch Manager here) Mark Scott, Training Officer Alistair Greenough and our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE.

This training was part of a continuing programme by Alistair and Nigel, amongst others, to look at how we can standardise some of our current and future working methods on steep and vertical ground.

The morning session in the nice and warm interior of the Fire Station Appliance Bays, gave way to an outdoor session in chilly and wet conditions, on the rocky grit stone outcrops in the Bradshaw Brook valley, near to Bradshaw Stables.

Much was practised, discussed, some was dismissed, some was considered for adoption, on what was a good impromptu training opportunity, finishing on scene at 16.30hrs.

A similar session is due to take place tomorrow, by Alistair and Nigel, weather permitting.

Mark, Garry and Nigel would like to thank through the medium of this report, Alistair Greenough for treating them to sandwiches and fruit for dinner.

Thanks also to our friends at GMFRS Bolton North Community Fire Station, for kindly allowing us to train in the appliance bays (Cakes from Alistair was their reward)