Incident 25/2015 – Search in Blackrod for missing 90 year old man

This very cold afternoon, at 15.00hrs a GMP Missing Person Search Manager directly contacted our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes MBE, requesting the teams immediate attendance with a developing Police search for a missing 90 year old man.

The man had gone missing earlier this same day from a Residential Care Home in the Blackrod area, and a combination of his age, condition and the cold freezing weather, gave considerable concern for his welfare.

A full team immediate call out was made, including our Mountain Rescue Trailing Dog and our DVSD Search Dog, with our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE liaising at 15.46hrs with Simon Lane, Team Leader of Cheshire Search and Rescue Team, for his teams immediate assistance as well.

With many Bolton MRT members responding to collect our Team vehicles, and our Team Leader responding direct to the missing mans Care Home / GMP RVP, the excellent news came at 15.53hrs that the man had been safely located in Horwich, and the search response was immediately stood down.

The following resources were known to be involved in this search operation or responding to take part in it;

  • GMP; Divisional Officers, Tactical Aid Unit, 1x Missing Person Search Manager.
  • National Police Air Service; NPAS 21 helicopter from City Airport Manchester (Barton).
  • Bolton Mountain Rescue Team; 17x team members were responding immediately at the time of the stand down, with many others declaring their availability later in the evening.
  • Cheshire Search and Rescue Team; 12x team members were immediately available, with nine further members confirmed available between 17.00 and 18.00hrs.
  • SARDA Wales; Mountain Rescue Trailing Search Dog Boris and his handler Steve Nelson (Of Bolton MRT, included in above figures) stood down responding.
  • SARDA Ireland North; Mountain Rescue DVSD Search Dog Sasha and her handler Dave Marsh (Of Bolton MRT, included in above figures) stood down responding.