Six new Trainee Team members welcomed in to the membership of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team

This evening, sees the culmination of many weeks – indeed three months of training, with our six remaining ‘Probationary’ members from our Late October 2014 recruitment intake, progressing to ‘Trainee Team Membership’ of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

Their probationary period, which has included the completion of a tasking log, has equipped all six members with a basic understanding of team equipment and at this stage in their mountain rescue ‘career’ how best they can contribute to the workings of the team.

Progressing on to being a ‘Trainee Team Member,’ will now see all six undertake a twelve month long further evaluation period within the team, throughout which they will be exposed to a greater involvement in the work of the team, including an expectation to attend operational call out search incidents (Leading on to their involvement in rescue operations at the discretion of our Team Leader)

All six have received a minimum issue of team clothing, to identify them as Bolton MRT members.

The entire team membership welcomes;

  • Matthew Morris, aged 42, an Operations Manager, from Turton, Bolton.
  • Steve James, aged 33, who joined the team originally as a member of our Support Group, and is a Facilities Manager from Horwich.
  • Carole Truman, aged 54, now retired, from Wilderswood, Horwich.
  • Neil Haigh, aged 44, a Teacher from Leigh.
  • Heath Doran, aged 48, a Dental Technician from Horwich.
  • Rasti Schweizer, aged 37, a senior Structural Engineer from Heaton, Bolton.

All have joined and are welcomed in to the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team with a proven background in the outdoors, as hill walkers, climbers and mountaineers.