Detailed report on Day 1 of RYA Powerboat 2 course attended by three team members on Sunday 1st March 2015

On Sunday 1st March 2015 we reported on three members of our ‘Water team’ attending Day 1 of their 2x Day RYA Powerboat 2 Course.

Having a 3.4 metre long semi rigid inflatable SAR Boat in the team, it is desirable that our ‘boat handlers’ are appropriately trained.

Team Chairman Craig Lamb, John Dickinson and Deputy Team Leader Chris Greenhalgh, (all three in our ‘water team’) were on the waters of Lower Rivington Reservoir, operating out of the Anderton Centre, and our Deputy Team Leader Chris Greenhalgh has now made the following detailed report on the days activities;

“We met at 9am on what was at that point a cold, breezy and sunny day, met Simon our instructor and started with a brew and introductions. Simon then went over the outline for the day and we got kitted up in warm and waterproof gear (expecting the worst).

We then headed down to the jetty and boat launch area where we were shown the equipment and safety checks required on the boat before launching it. We then all helped with the launch and were shown the controls at which point we took turns taking the boat for a ‘joyride’ to familiarise ourselves with it.

Once we were happy, we commenced going through all the required skills taking turns for each of them to ensure we were all happy with them. The skills we went through included powering up/down, trim and balance, approaching a buoy and stopping. We then broke off for dinner and returned to the centre for much needed food and hot drinks.

After dinner, we all kitted up again and headed back down to the jetty by which time the weather was starting to turn, it had clouded over, the wind had strengthened and as expected it started raining heavily.

We then continued our skills which included high speed ‘S’ and ‘U’ turns, turning in a confined space and approaching the jetty in very ‘choppy’ conditions.

This was the end of the practical session for today so we then recovered the boat, packed up and returned to the centre to dry off and warm up. Simon then went over various rules and theory of power boating/sailing, and how they would apply to us. This took us to around 4.30pm at which point we arranged a convenient date for the second part of the course and left.

We would like to thank Simon for his very good instruction on the day and we all look forward to day two.”

WEBMASTER; Day 2 is scheduled for Sunday 15th March 2015 at the same venue, Lower Rivington Reservoir, operating out of the Anderton Centre, give Craig, Chris and John a wave if you see them on the water on that Sunday!