Planning meeting on site, for tomorrow evenings exercise

This morning at 10.00hrs, members of Bolton MRT and Cheshire SART met at Middlewood Scout Camp, Worsley, to arrange and plan the finer points of a joint exercise being held on Wednesday evening, 11th March 2015, involving the two teams.

Present was Bolton MRT Martin Battersby, Steve O’Hara, Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE and Training Officer Alistair Greenough.

Cheshire SART was represented by Deputy Team Leader Rick Lane and Search Manager Mark Susca.
Martin Battersby had already liaised with Mike Dunn, Jill and Phil Rigby of Middlewood Scout Camp, who had kindly granted us permission to exercise within the Scout Camp.

We were met on scene by a camp site staff member who kindly provided a cup of tea for all six present – Scout hospitality at its best, and then it was off looking at various sites to hold the exercise scenarios planned.

For our Team Leader it was a trip down memory lane, from his days as a Cub, Scout, Venture Scout and Leader in Worsley Scouts (6th Worsley, 1st Worsley then 8th Worsley) when Middlewood was a second home to him.

By 12 noon their visit was complete, and all that was left to do ! was for Steve O’Hara to finalise the exercise casualties, Alistair Greenough to write up the detailed exercise briefing notes, and Martin to produce the site map.

Please view our website entry for tomorrow evening for a report on the planned exercise.

Cheshire SART in turn are hosting a reciprocal evening exercise, which will see the Bolton MRT invited in summer to one of their regular Tuesday exercises, most likely at Delamere Forest.