Full report on visit by team to Year 5, Aspull Church School, Aspull, Wigan, on Tuesday 10th March 2015

Following an earlier visit on Thursday 28th November 2013- see website ‘News’ report dated the same, on Tuesday 10th March 2015 our Team President Bob Hutchinson and experienced call out list member Matthew Hailwood, visited the pupils of Year 5, Aspull Church School, Bolton Road, Aspull, Wigan.

Their visit, arranged by teacher and team friend Victoria Redfern, gave the young pupils an insight in to the work of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

There follows an account by our President Bob Hutchinson, of the visit ;

“On Tuesday 10th March, we were invited to visit the Class Year 5 at Aspull Church School.

The team was represented by our Team President Bob Hutchinson and the youthful but nonetheless long serving team member Matt Hailwood.

Travelling in our Land Rover Defender Ambulance radio call sign Bolton Mobile 3, the pair were greeted by class Teacher Victoria Redfern and taken to the staff room for a drink prior to school recommencing at 1 pm for the afternoon session.

After introductions Bob got the class to consider as many possibilities as possible that might affect safety outdoors in the hills and mountains.

The children were very attentive and come up with numerous ideas and suggestions.

Matt then showed two short DVD’s on MR in the British Isles and on Bolton MRT in particular. This was followed by a question and answer session in which so many questions were asked by the pupils that Ms Redfern had to call a halt (three times!) in order to fit in a visit to the car park to view the team vehicle.

Outside Bob and Matt showed the class the inside and outside of the vehicle, the trauma sack and drugs kit and of course the BIG favourite….the blues and twos.

It was time to thank the children for their attention and they in turn voiced their thanks for our visit. We look forward to the possibility of visiting the next year 5 if we are asked to do so.”