Team Training Officer attends MREW Casualty Care Development Day, hosted by Edale MRT at their Base / HQ, Hope, Derbyshire

Early this morning our Team Training Officer Alistair Greenough journeyed to attend todays MREW Casualty Care Development Day, which is tasked with looking at various aspects of the current and envisaged MREW Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Course contents and training.

Alistair based upon his full time professional experiences as a long serving Accident and Emergency Nurse, has long acted as one of the Bolton MRTs in house instructors for the MREW Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Course – which all our members undertake every three years, throughout all his long service in our team, and so is best placed in our team to represent our interests at this national meeting.

The MREW Casualty Care Development Day is being kindly hosted by Edale MRT, at their Base / HQ, Hope Valley Cement Works, Hope, Derbyshire.

The majority of todays meetinmg was centred around audience participation – with questions set, and participants then breaking  into smaller groups to work on the issues, bringing answers back to the larger group and developing a consensus that will allow the MREW Medical Group to develop future plans that align with these views.

With over fifty participants present, the day commenced at 09.00hrs with an introduction and statements of “where we are now.”

Agenda topics included;

  • Topic 1. Should MREW recognise several levels of care for casualty carers?
  • Topic 2. Is the current examination process fit for purpose?

Both being followed by discussion, feedback and consensus.

Following lunch workshops aimed to look at;

  • Sharing Practice: How I organise a Casualty Care Course.
  • Running a casualty care scenario, tips and pitfalls.
  • Using lectures and small group discussions for teaching.
  • Should we use CPD and distant learning within MREW Casualty Care?

Late afternoon included a Structured Debate entitled “This House believes that accreditation by an external body would benefit the MREW Casualty Care Certificate.” With Speakers for and against the motion and floor questions / debate followed by a vote.

Within Bolton MRT our next MREW Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Course is due for completion by March 2016, when our memberships current Certificates expire, from the last time we all undertook our course and examinations in March / April 2013. (We also undertake in Bolton MRT an annual all membership BLS / CPR / AED in house assessment, alongside continuation casualty care awareness and training)