Developing liaison with Probationary ALSAR Team; Merseyside Lowland Search and Rescue Team

The Bolton MRT has established over the last ten years plus, a fantastic relationship with our colleague ALSAR team, which borders our southern boundary; Cheshire Search and Rescue Team, to the point now where we regularly joint train together and also mutually support each other on operational call outs.

The leaderships of both our teams enjoy a particularly close working relationship, and we also share training initiatives and opportunities.

Forming now on our western boundary, is the Merseyside Lowland Search and Rescue Team, currently a Probationary member of ALSAR, and under the tutelage of Cheshire SART.

Recently the Chairman of Merseyside LSART Matthew Davies, contacted our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, to discuss how relationships could be developed between Merseyside LSART and Bolton MRT, to mirror that of Bolton MRT and Cheshire SART.

This has resulted in a series of telephone calls this week between Garry and Matthew, and we are now pleased to announce that on Sunday 19th April 2015, at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ, commencing at 09.30hrs, we’ll be a hosting a visit to us by members of Merseyside LSART, to gain an overview of Bolton MRT, which will include some mountain rescue awareness mini exercises.

Furthermore members of Merseyside LSART along with members of Cheshire SART will be joining us on the evening of Wednesday 6th May 2015 for an exercise in the Rivington area.

The Bolton MRT welcomes the new members of Merseyside LSART to the local north west volunteer search and rescue community, and we look forward to developing the same level of friendships and mutual aid with Merseyside LSART as we in Bolton MRT have and enjoy with our colleague Mountain Rescue and Search and Rescue Teams that border our primary operational area or that we otherwise engage with, which includes Bowland Pennine MRT, Rossendale and Pendle MRT, Oldham MRT, Kinder MRT, Glossop MRT, and Cheshire SART that border us, and amongst others, NEWSART, BaySART and Norfolk Lowland SART that we routinely engage with.