Monthly Vehicles, Trailers, SAR Boat and Base / HQ Valet and Vehicle checks, Search and Rescue Equipment checks

Today commencing at 10.30hrs, 15x team call out list full members, 6x trainee team members, and Support Group member Iain Clarkson met at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ for our monthly Vehicles, Trailers, SAR Boat and Base / HQ Valet and vehicles checks, Search and Rescue equipment checks.

Incredibly all team members attending remembered about the clock changing! and as usual the mornings start seemed to be accompanied by the heavy rainfall that always seems to greet us on these ‘Valet Days.’
(Regardless of our routine checks and cleaning that takes place after every use of our Base / HQ and our vehicles and kit, we still carry out this more comprehensive ‘day’ the last Sunday in every month)

Today all the ‘winter kit’ carried on our team vehicles – snow shovels, ice axes, de-icer and window ice scrapers, was removed and placed back in to storage until late November this year, when of course it all goes back in to each vehicle again.

Our Chairman Craig Lamb, once again took on his usual role of ensuring all our comprehensive search and rescue kit is neatly arranged in the rear of all four of our Land Rover vehicles, with the inevitable misplaced kit item being ‘rediscovered.’

Meanwhile our ‘Admin team’ was kept busy producing our latest Training and Events Programme, dealing with the teams accounts and revising some team operational paperwork.

Our clothing ‘quartermaster’ Mike Marsh also started the hand out of the recently MREW supplied protective eyewear goggles to all our operational members, now recommended when working with the latest HMCG SAR helicopters.