Fantastic donation from our valued friend and supporter Susan Corsini of Darwen Dashers Running Club

We are very pleased to announce the receipt today of a kind card and attached donation, from dear friend of the team, Susan Corsini, who is a member of Darwen Dashers Running Club.

Susan addressed her card to our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes MBE, and kindly stated;

“Hi Team Leader! (MBE)

I have enclosed a cheque for £120, no £130.00, it’s now £135.00 – more donations keep coming in and I keep having to alter the cheque to you!

I had my 50th Birthday ‘Do’ on Saturday 14th March.

Rather than presents I had a Charity box for five local charities, Bolton Mountain Rescue being one !

I am a runner with Darwen Dashers.

You all do great work giving up your time to keep us safe on the moors.

I know the money will be put to good use as you are totally reliant on donations.

All the money raised was split evenly between the 5 charities, a huge amount was donated (Webmaster – an amazing £675.00)

Love, Susan Corsini xx “

This is a very thoughtful and very supportive donation, and our sincere thanks are expressed to Susan, alongside belated 50th birthday congratulations.

We would also like to thank Susan for her thoughtful support on the occasion of her birthday, of the other four local charities she kindly supported.

Running in the London Marathon of 2007, Susan of Tockholes, Darwen, very kindly raised over £350.00 for us, also raising an equally large amount of £250.00 for us in the 2005 London Flora Marathon.

Please also see website ‘News’ reports dated Tuesday 29th May 2007, and Thursday 19th May 2005.