Report on Tonights Training Session at Giants Seat Scout Camp, Prestwich

This evening fourteen Callout list members and five trainee team members attended our regular Wednesday night training evening.

The following report has been supplied by team member, Michael Wakerley, who jointly co-ordinated the exercise and organised proceedings alongside team member Mike Marsh:

Training kicked off about 8pm for an orienteering exercise at Giants Seat Scout Campsite, Mike Marsh and I were in control with team members being split into pairs and sent on their way to various starting points along the orienteering course.

A few of the points were not so easy to find especially in the dark which allowed members to hone in on their navigational skills.  All team members seemed to enjoy the exercise and be in pretty high spirits even though the conditions were cold and drizzly.

The exercise finished at approx 21:30 with a few members venturing to the local Horseshoe Public House.

The team would like to thank Ann Chapman (site manager) for giving us access to keys and allowing us to use Giants Seat Scout Camp for tonights training.

Please also see website ‘News’ report of Wednesday 25th February 2015, for details of another recent exercise held at this fantastic venue, again with thanks to the Scouts, for allowing us to use this camp site.