Incident 29/2015 – Good Friday Incident

At 15.50, whilst team members Diane Blakeley and Heath Doran, were walking through the area on foot, they were approached by a gentleman asking for help as his wife had just fallen.

The lady had been walking with her husband and daughter and had unfortunately slipped and injured herself on her way up the steps to Rivington Pike. Luckily, one of our landrovers was positioned very close by and team members were able to assist her down and into the waiting vehicle out of the rain. Control was informed and an ambulance was called.

Another nearby landrover also attended and together, they transported the lady, along with her husband and daughter down to Rivington Hall Barn arriving at the same time as the ambulance.

Whilst the ambulance crew were assessing the lady’s injuries, the gentleman sat in the warmth of our control vehicle and was given a hot drink whilst chatting to team members.

At 16.55 the ambulance departed.