Team evening exercise in the Walker Fold Farm area

The following report has been made by tonight’s exercise organiser Tony Dawson;

The exercise casualty was made up by our Equipment Officer – Medical, Mark Scott with a leg injury (and a minor head wound as a distraction!) Mark then stayed with him to supervise the casualty care made by responding team members.

Search parties of 4 in each were despatched, 1x from Barrow Bridge Car park up the valley and 1x dropped by Team Land Rover at the Bridge at Walker Fold to work back down the valley.

Steve Nelson, Elaine Gilliand & Boris successfully ‘tracked’ the exercise casualty making a good find,and obviously being very pleased with his (Boris) tracking,

Mark Scott subsequently reported he was happy with the casualty care given by colleague team member John Dickinson and trainee member Rasti Schweizer.

The stretcher evacuation was back from the exercise casualty site to Barrow Bridge, and  started at approximately  21.30 hrs but at circa 22.00 hrs the stretcher party decided to stop the carry and walk out, in lieu of the time of night. (The valley is very muddy in places plus there are fallen trees / collapsed river bank to contend with)

Overall it was judged a good exercise.