Incident 32/2015 – Trailing Search Dog assistance to a search in the Carrbrook, Mossley area, to Chew Valley / Dovestones area

This evening, the specialist services of our Trailing Dog were requested to provide assistance with a missing from home search incident, involving a 40 year old male, in the Carrbrook area of Mossley which extended over the moors to the Chew Valley / Dovestones area, in the Peak District.

Handler Steve Nelson, his usual navigator and colleague Bolton MRT member Elaine Gilliland and Mountain Rescue Trailing Search Dog Boris, all deployed, after being contacted at 20.37hrs to join forces with GMP resources, SARDA England Air Scenting Search Dogs, members of Oldham MRT and the Police helicopter NPAS Barton, in a search that concluded in the early hours of Tuesday morning, 14th April.

Steve, Elaine and Boris all returned home following the conclusion of their search and after leaving the Incident RVP at 01.30hrs in the early morning of Tuesday 14th April, with GMP enquiries still on going to trace the missing person.

The following report is from the Facebook site of Oldham MRT;

Incident 8. 13th April. Team received a request from the Police to help search for a missing male in the Carrbrook area.

The full team was put on standby but for a small section who assisted the search dogs.

Bolton’s trailing dog led the search onto the moor above Carrbrook where three search dogs took over and searched across the moor to Dove Stones.

Nothing was found and the Team stood down at 3am.

Police have since located the missing male safe and well.