Some updates in regards to our Trailing Search Dog Boris (and of course his handler and navigator!)

Not previously reported, was our Mountain Rescue Trailing Search Dog Handler Steve Nelson’s recent participation in the SARDA Wales Training weekend of Saturday 11th to Sunday 12th April 2015, in Snowdonia.

As usual Steve and Boris, were accompanied by Bolton MRT team member and colleague SARDA Wales member Elaine Gilliland.

Besides incidents where Steve, Elaine and Boris have responded to searches, which are all reported on our website, Steve also regularly receives requests which are often resolved just prior to his, Elaine’s and Boris’s departure, or request which place them all on ‘home standby.’

Included here for the information and interest of our readers, and not included in our incident listings, are two of the latest requests of this nature for Steve, Boris and Elaine;

  • Sunday evening, 12th April 2015, North Wales Police request, regarding a search in Deeside, resulting in a ‘home standby’ for 1 hour, and then stood down when the missing person was located.
  • Monday afternoon, 13th April 2015, from RPMRT to assist at a search in Burnley, arranged to attend at 16.00hrs, but stood down prior to deployment.