Two long serving team members, who joined the team in 2003, and have been away for a short while, now returned after a full makeover!

Two long serving team members, who have given the team unstinting and Stirling service since joining us way back in 2003, went away for a short break from the team in January 2015, to be rewarded for such steadfast time with us by having a full makeover, involving some would say, a little cosmetic surgery.

In 2003, Philip and Denise Frain of what was RescueEquip1 of Bolton, kindly donated to the team, completely free of charge, two Rescue Manikins namely Casualty simulators ‘Joepublic’ Adult size and ‘Joepublic’ Junior size.

Both were realistically weighted, appropriately sized, training manikins, made out of a very rugged fabric.
In team use, and entirely clothed from underwear upwards to full hill walkers / climbers outerwear (team members cast offs) and boots, we have used both manikins regularly within team exercises and joint exercises.

They’ve been submerged in reservoirs, thrown over quarry faces, left lying out on cold wet moorlands and even enjoyed some time with another mountain rescue team, and they have both certainly suffered somewhat the rigours of their ‘role’ in the team.

By January 2015, they had become slightly battered and bruised, and in need of a makeover, including ‘restuffing!’ on Wednesday 14th January 2015 our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE contacted Philip Frain, who immediately offered to take back both manikins, and give them a full refurbishment, guaranteeing another (at least) twelve years service in the team.

Both are now back with us and in service, after enjoying their make over courtesy of Philip Frain and his wife Denise.

The team is very grateful to Philip Frain for agreeing so readily to do this work, helped by his wife Denise, and we now look forward to both ‘Joepublics’ rejoining team exercises in the future, suitably refreshed from their makeovers!

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