Yesterday our Vehicles Officer had a problem, today it was our Base and Catering Officer!

Following on from the paint removal problem, reported yesterday, today it was the turn of our Equipment Officer – Base and Catering, Paul Copley, to deal and resolve with a little problem!

Arriving in company with Trainee member Heath Doran, he turned up at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ to undertake some preparation work for our forthcoming visit by Merseyside Lowland Search and Rescue Team, scheduled for Sunday 19th April.

Turning on our upstairs lighting, led to a bang and all the lights went out accompanied by an acrid burning smell!

Quickly traced to an electrical fault with one of our ceiling lighting units, very kindly and fortuitously, some contractors working on the main NWAS Ladybridge Hall building, quickly by kind agreement inspected the problem, and then donated some spare lighting strips, arising from refurbishment works at the main NWAS Ladybridge Hall building.

Experienced team member, and Electrician by profession, Phil Crook, then kindly gave up his evening, and fitted the newly donated light fitting, rewired all, and problem solved.

Phil has also kindly agreed to replace all our other fittings in our building with the donated fittings, to offset the recurrence of the original problem.