Full report on visit by team members to official opening of Holme Valley MRTs new Base / Headquarters at Marsden, West Yorkshire

On Saturday 18th April 2015, we reported on the visit by team members Diane Blakeley and Michael Wakerley to the official opening of Holme Valley MRTs new base at Marsden, below is a detailed report by Diane on the day.

Saturday 18th April 2015. Team representatives attend Official opening this afternoon of HVMRT new Base / HQ at Marsden, West Yorkshire.

Following our attendance at the official opening of RPMRTs new Base at Burnley, team members Diane Blakeley and Michael Wakerley, then journeyed on to Marsden in the Peak District, for the afternoon official opening of our colleagues at Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team, newly developed Base / HQ at Emergency House, Marsden Fire Station, Marsden.


The journey over was lovely with stunning views as we headed to Marsden in our Land Rover Defender Mountain Rescue Ambulance, radio call sign ‘Bolton Mobile 4.’

We were greeted by friends and team members of Holme Valley MRT, at was a busy opening of this new base.


Holme Valley team used to use one garage here but following the closure of the Mardsen Fire Station they managed to raise the funds to purchase the entire building.

The team had many notable guests present today, which included Ian Dunkley, Area Manager West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Authority; Rod Barnes CEO for Yorkshire Ambulance Service; Ed Anderson, High Sheriff for West Yorkshire; Dee Collins Chief Constable for West Yorkshire Police and Councillor Ken Smith Mayor of Kirklees.


Also in attendance was our friend Mike France, Chairman of Mountain Rescue England & Wales.

Holme Valley MRT Chairman Phil Pogson did a short speech before Dr Ingrind Roscoe, Lord-Lieutenant of West Yorkshire  unveiled the plaque and officially opened the new Holme Valley MRT base.


Also represented was Bowland Pennine MRT Team Leader, Kev Camplin who like us had represented his team at the previous similar event at RPMRT, Neville Sharpe, President of SARDA England; Ben Carter, Team Leader of Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team and his Assistant Team Leader Wayne Ogden.

Other teams represented included Oldham MRT and Woodhead MRT.

From further afield was Alan Woodward who was now representing Swaledale MRT, after previously working with Bolton team when both at Holme Valley MRT and Bowland Pennine MRT as a team member with both teams.

big group

Once all the formal aspects were completed, a fantastic buffet which even included some specially produced Red Rescue beer and more gluten free goodies for me with not only cakes but sandwiches too. Michael and I were given a full tour before heading back to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ after a long but enjoyable day.

All the Bolton MRT membership extend our fullest congratulations to our friends and colleagues at HVMRT, on the opening of their Marsden Base / HQ.

Please also visit the website, Facebook site and Twitter feed of HVMRT for more information.

Also the local paper wrote a report on the days events.