Very kind comments from Barbara Williams of Chorley Ramblers, following their visit and that of Chorley Health Walkers to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ of Tuesday evening, 21st April 2015

On the evening of Tuesday 18th November 2014, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE and team member Michael Wakerley attended the Annual General Meeting of Chorley Ramblers, to give a presentation on the work of the team, at which a fantastic impromptu donation resulted in £56.00 being raised for the team from amongst the twenty six members of Chorley Ramblers present.

At this presentation an invitation to Chorley Ramblers was extended to visit the teams Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ to gain a further insight in to our work.

This was duly accepted, with us welcoming a mixed party of eleven members from both Chorley Ramblers and Chorley Health Walkers to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ. on the evening of Tuesday 21st April 2015 (Please see website ‘News’ report dated the same) with a kind donation of £62.35p being received during their visit to us.

This afternoon, Thursday 23rd April, our Team Secretary received the following kind email from Barbara Williams of Chorley Ramblers, in regards to their visit of Tuesday evening, 21st April, addressed to Gillian and Garry Rhodes MBE, our Team Leader.

“Hello Garry,

We had such a lovely evening on Tuesday and can only thank you and the 2 Davids (plus any other ‘invisible’ members of the team who may have been around) very sincerely for giving up your time for us.

You all get very high marks for both interest and entertainment!

Now I know why team members carry such very large rucksacks!

I listened to the comments from the walkers afterwards and they were all of similar opinions – that they all were so glad that they had been able to be there, and the workers that they had made the effort to get there.
I feel that that speaks for itself!

I will contact you sometime in June to let you know what the committee thinks about your suggestion that we should join up with you, in whatever capacity, on an exercise. I can’t see any problem with it.

Thank you once again Garry,

Best wishes, Barbara.”

“Hello Gillian,

I hope that you enjoyed your break!

I want very much to thank you for your helpfulness with the Ramblers visit to your HQ on Tuesday.

The directions were particularly useful!

I know that you will pass on to Garry my letter of thanks. I thought that it would be better to do it this way.

All best wishes, Barbara.”