Monthly Vehicles, Trailers, SAR Boat and Base / Headquarters Valet and Vehicle checks, search and Rescue Equipment checks.

Today commencing at 10.45hrs, 10x team call out list full members, 3x trainee team members, and Support Group members Iain Clarkson, Amanda Strickleton and Sarah Hindle met at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ for our monthly Vehicles, Trailers, SAR Boat and Base / HQ Valet and vehicles checks, Search and Rescue equipment checks.

(Regardless of our routine checks and cleaning that takes place after every use of our Base / HQ and our vehicles and kit, we still carry out this more comprehensive ‘day’ the last Sunday in every month)

The ‘SAR Boat’ checks usually carried out on this day, were actually carried out yesterday evening, Saturday 25th April, by our Equipment Officer – Water Dave Cook, who could not attend today.

Our three Support Group members were present at our GMFRS Bolton Central Community Fire Station Garage, where we store our stock of second hand books for charity sales to aid the team.

Their task for today was to sort out our extensive stock in to what they feel will actually sell this year ! not an easy task, but carried out with the usual Support Group enthusiasm.

Meanwhile our Training Officer Alistair Greenough and Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, kept themselves busy reorganising our practical training materials and CPR and Training Manikins, whilst our Equipment Officer – Vehicles Neil Aspinall kept others busy with hose pipes, pressure washers and polishing cloths.

Finally Equipment Officer – Ropes and Stretchers Nigel Booth, continued in his never ending task of checking kit and also washing all our specialist low stretch ‘lower rope’ stock.

Incident 35/2015 interrupted proceedings, which recommenced at the conclusion of the incident.