ITV Granada Reports, early on Saturday evening 25th April 2015, covered the new HMCG Helicopters, with footage from our exercise of Saturday 28th February 2015

On Saturday 28th February 2015, our team alongside others from MPSRO, was involved in the third session regarding awareness training for the new HMCG Sikorsky S92 SAR Helicopter (Please see website ‘News’ report dated the same) held at Bibbys Scout Camp, Limbrick, Chorley.

An ITV Television film crew covered this training, with Paul Durham of Bowland Pennine MRT and very long serving and very experienced Bolton MRT member Diane Blakeley, both conducting live TV interviews during this training day.

This footage was shown in the ITV Granada region early Saturday evening, 25th April 2015, and can be viewed here

So in team member Diane Blakeley we now have a Bolton MRT star of ITV in our midst.

Illustrating how TV can reach out and spread the word about the work of the Bolton MRT and indeed mountain rescue in general, we received immediately after the broadcast the following enquiry by email:

I came across your website and organisation as it was on the Granada news on Saturday night with regards the new helicopters that the search and rescue teams are getting and then there was a brief interview with a member of your team.

I Google’d your website and would be interested in joining your Support Group to help the search teams.

I live in the Bolton area and have some spare time available during the week and would be interested in joining.

Would it be possible if you could let me know how I can join the support network/team.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks and Regards, Emma Bradley.”

Well Emma, many thanks for your interest in the team, and your wish to possibly join our Support Group.

Our Team Secretary and Support Group member Gillian Gregory will be contacting you shortly to invite you along to our next Support Group meeting.