Latest six Team Trainee members received tonight their full team personal issue equipment

Following a six month period within the team, since joining in late October 2014, this evening our six new Trainees met at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ to receive all their team issue personal clothing and equipment.

Presided over by our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE (Get fell in you ‘orrible lot for your kit!) and our ‘Quartermaster’ Mike “course it will fit” Marsh, who audits and logs all our personal equipment issues, the six; Heath Doran, Carole Truman, Rasti Schweizer, Neil Haigh, Matthew Morris and Steve James, all departed at the end of the evening with an urgently needed requirement to expand their cupboard and wardrobe space at home!

The full list of equipment we issued to them, and of course issue to all our operational members, can be found within the ‘Membership’ section of our website, and amounts to an amazing £2,200.00 of clothing and other equipment, which enables all our members to undertake their team activities, whilst keeping warm, dry, comfortable and identifiable as mountain rescuers.

This evening of kit issue, also included all our Trainees getting a radio handset and that noisy little belt buddy thing – a team call out pager ! with our Equipment Officer – Communications and IT Steve Fletcher, that font of knowledge all things radio and pager, passing on to our Trainees the do’s and don’ts of radio usage, and the nuances of our pagers.

Team Training Officer Alistair Greenough, meanwhile looked on with pride over his six latest charges in the team.