Team training exercise this evening takes place within the Terraced Gardens at Rivington

This evening, those team members not involved in the Trainee members kit issue – see below, and not rope training – see above report, met for a 20.00hrs start, at Lower House Car Park, Lever Park, for an evenings local knowledge / familiarity exercise, within the extensive 65 acres, wooded steep hillside of the Terraced Gardens at Rivington, the former residence of Lord Leverhulme.

This area features as a regular spot for team call outs, and so it is essential our members know the many tracks and features therein.

Our Deputy Team Leader Chris Greenhalgh, organised all present – nineteen team call out list members, into various parties who then set out to ‘explore’ the area, utilising the United Utilities map and information leaflet on the Terraced Gardens, which was originally researched, mapped out, and drawn up by none other than our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE in the early 1980s (Why did he ever sell out his copyright on this!)