Incident 40/2015 – Team provides assistance to GMP in search for a missing 37 years old Tyldesley man

Following our report of yesterday, Sunday 10th May 2015, when mid afternoon our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE was contacted directly by a GMP Missing Person Search Manager, to discuss the teams possible involvement in an on going search enquiry for a missing person, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE was contacted today at circa 13.00hrs by GMP requesting a full team call out, to assist with the on going GMP search efforts already taking place.

Via email contact with our Team Leader, GMP outlined areas of interest they wished to search, all in connection with a long term missing 37 years old Tyldesley man, in circumstances now giving his family and GMP cause for concern as to his welfare.

Following further mapping preparation and liaison with Cheshire SART for their help, a full team call out page was made at 14.28hrs for all team members to assemble early evening at the search control, Tyldesley Rugby Club, Astley Street, Tyldesley.

Meeting between 17.00hrs and 18.00hrs, the Police, our members and Cheshire SART members were all faced with the first task of trying to negotiate the difficulty of understanding all the local Tyldesley road works, ie you can always see where you want to go but the diversions and road works and traffic conspire to never allow you to get there!

More baffled than most by this difficult task was Tyldesley local resident Garry Rhodes our Team Leader! – he got there in the end.

photoMRT / SART searching commenced at 17.50hrs in areas north of Gin Pit towards Tyldesley town centre itself, complimenting earlier searches by GMP Officers this afternoon and yesterday afternoon.

All taskings were completed by late evening with the last MRT / SART members leaving the search control at 23.20hrs, with a high likelihood of being called back again tomorrow.

Nothing relating to the whereabouts of the missing man was found during todays searches, which were co-ordinated by Bolton MRT and Cheshire SART utilising both their Search Control / Incident control Vehicles.

The following resources were utilised in todays search incident;

  • Greater Manchester Police; Three POLSA / Missing Person Search Managers, Tactical Aid Unit.
  • Bolton Mountain Rescue Team; Four Land Rover Defender Mountain Rescue Ambulances, call signs Bolton Mobiles 1,2,3 and 4, Ford Transit Minibus / Ambulance Bolton Mobile 5, and our Incident Control Vehicle Bolton Mobile 6. Twenty Five team Call Out list members.
  • Cheshire Search and Rescue Team; One Search Control Vehicle and sixteen team call out list search members.
  • SARDA Wales; One Lowland Air Scenting Search Dog Team, Handler Ester Cooper from Cheshire SART ( included in figures above) and Search dog Izzy.
  • SARDA Ireland North; One Drowned Victims Search Dog Team, Handler Dave Marsh from Bolton MRT (included in figures above) and Search Dog Sasha.