Incident 41/2015 – Continuation of search for missing 37 years old man in the Tyldesley area

Throughout this morning, in anticipation of a continuation of yesterdays search incident, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE liaised with Simon Lane the Team Leader of Cheshire SART and both with Greater Manchester Police, culminating in both teams being requested by GMP to assemble once again at the same RVP as yesterday, and search further areas.

At 14.24hrs a full call out page was made, with similar for Cheshire SART.

Both teams met at the Tyldesley Rugby Club, Astley Street, Tyldesley, Manchester search RVP at circa 17.00hrs, once more negotiating the horrendous local road works and numerous diversions to just get to the RVP!

Numerous search parties were despatched to a large search area, including the woodlands of Dam House, Higher Folds and Bedford Lodge, all south of the Gin Pit area of Astley and Tyldesley.

All taskings were completed by 22.30hrs, with the final MRT / SART members leaving the Search RVP at 23.35hrs after debriefing and retasking reports had been made.

Nothing was found relating to the missing man, with Police investigations in to his whereabouts continuing, but a large number of temporary shelters and campsites in the area were located over the two days of MRT / SART searching.

We would like to acknowledge the support of Cheshire SART Team Leader Simon Lane with assisting our team with search area mapping, and the provision once again of their Search Control Vehicle which greatly complimented the facilities of our own Incident Control Vehicle.

A party from Cheshire SART also discovered two ‘hidden’ container bags in one search area, which upon immediate investigation by GMP turned out to contain a large amount of stolen property (Cheshire SART are claiming salvage rights! – only joking – webmaster)

The following resources were involved in todays search operation;

  • Great Manchester Police; Two Police POLSA / Missing Person Search Managers, one PCSO fro the ‘Leigh Beat.’
  • North West Police Search and Underwater Marine Unit; deployed during the daytime.
  • Bolton Mountain Rescue Team; Two of our Land Rover Defender Mountain Rescue Ambulances, Call signs Bolton Mobile 1 and 3, our Ford Transit Minibus / Ambulance, Bolton Mobile 5, and our Incident Control Vehicle, Bolton Mobile 6. Nineteen Team call out list members.
  • Cheshire Search and Rescue Team; One Search Control Vehicle and thirty four call out list search members.
  • SARDA Wales; One Lowland Air Scenting Search Dog Team, Handler Ester Cooper from Cheshire SART (included in figures above) and Search dog Izzy.

Postscript; On Wednesday morning, 13th May 2015, with GMP, Bolton MRT and Cheshire SART all again making plans for a third day / evening of active searching, the good news was received that the missing man had been located safe and well, following information given to GMP.