Our Team Leader attends Emergency 999 – Multi Agency Show and Tell Event, held on March 31st 2015, Debrief meeting this morning

This morning our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE joined with others at the 10.00hrs start debrief meeting for this years Emergency 999 – Multi Agency Show and Tell Event, held on March 31st 2015, at the same venue as the event, namely LFRS Training Centre, Washington Hall, Chorley. (Please also see website ‘News’ report dated March 31st 2015 on this event)

The meeting was Chaired and called by LFRS Rodney Steele, and was comprehensive in what was covered.
Being the first of this type of event to be held, it was acknowledged that some areas could be bettered for future events of this nature, with the very poor weather (torrential downpours, very strong winds on 31st March 2015) being somewhat out of our control!

Many interesting possibilities were discussed for the future of this event, including its regularity and placing in the years calendar.

With representatives present at the meeting from LFRS, NWAS, RAYNET, Bolton MRT, 42 Brigade British Army, British Red Cross and the Highways Agency, and those who could not attend but had sent in their comments, the concept of themed ‘Incident Displays,’ such as Flood and Water Response, Winter Resilience, Catering Provision for Major Incident responders, Wildfire Response, Upland Search and Rescue, and heavy vehicle RTC incidents, to name but some themes discussed, were considered for any future holding of this event.

Links to recognised ‘Threat Based,’ Government Capabilities and Community Risk Register themes were also considered, around which future external displays could be held at this event.

An interesting link up with another event hosted and held annually by LFRS was also discussed.

The findings of this meeting will now be forwarded to the Lancashire Local Resilience Forum, and other bodies with an interest in this event, with the possibility of a Task and Working Group being established, subject to approvals, to look at the content and timing of a future event.

This every productive meeting concluded at circa 11.30hrs.