What does our Support Group do?

Well the simple answer is an awful lot for the members of the operational team membership, helping us in a myriad of appreciated ways, allowing us to concentrate more on the operational side of the teams business.

However our Team Secretary, Gillian Gregory, who has been a valued member of our Support Group for over ten years now, recently realised that if the public ask such, or enquire as to possibly joining our Support Group, we were missing a ‘hand out’ that could explain such.

We are now pleased to issue the following release on our Support Group …… so now you know;


When and where do we meet?

Monthly meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month (excluding December) commencing at 19:30 and of about one and a half hour’s duration.

We meet at Bolton Mountain Rescue Team’s Base / HQ in the grounds of Ladybridge Hall, 399 Chorley New Road, Heaton, Bolton, BL1 5DD.

What do we do?

We support the operational call-out team members by carrying out various tasks ‘behind the scenes’ which allow them to concentrate on search and rescue matters.

We help on the monthly Sunday maintenance and cleaning day when team vehicles are washed inside and out, our HQ is vacuumed and dusted, waste bins emptied, cupboards tidied, etc.

We occasionally provide catering from our mobile unit when the team is on an extended search and requires refreshments.  We also provide a full weekend’s catering in October each year for a Foundation Course for new entrants to our team and neighbouring teams.

We organise and carry out a rota for charity collections at local supermarkets – two hour sessions from 10:00 – 18:00, once a month on Saturdays, excluding January, June, July, August.

We organise and monitor 120 collection boxes out in the local community, checking them on a regular basis and when required, emptying and counting the contents.  We also look for new sites to add to our lists.

We help the operational team members when invited to attend external organisations’ Open Days – e.g. Fire Stations, Emergency Services, City Airport, Community Events.  We provide information and raise funds for the team.

How do you become a member?

You are invited to our monthly meeting to meet the other members of the Support Group and find out more about our activities.  If you wish to join, we operate a three months’ probationary period, after which you will be provided on loan with a BMRT T-shirt, fleece top and outdoor jacket, all bearing the MR Bolton logo, and an ID/membership badge.  There is currently no membership fee but you do have to be over 18yrs of age (for insurance purposes) and need your own transport and email access.

What contact would you have with the operational team members?

Very little – we do not get involved in training exercises or emergency call-outs (Other than catering provision)  There are occasional opportunities to be a ‘casualty’ on training exercises and, if interested, you may attend and help with lectures and talks to groups at our HQ. You would meet other members on cleaning & maintenance days and at events.

What would be the time commitment for you?

There is no minimum requirement, but we do ask that you make a regular appearance in support, and attend our monthly meetings. The greatest demands on our time are at weekends.

How do you contact us?

Gillian Gregory, Team Secretary & Support Group Member

Email: secretary@boltonmrt.org.uk

You may contact us through our website www.boltonmrt.org.uk which is kept up to date with information about team activities and incidents attended.  We are also on Facebook & Twitter (see links at the top of the website page).