Fantastic letters of thanks received from six pupils at Belmont Primary School following our visit of earlier this week

On Wednesday 20th May 2015, we reported within our website on the visit on Monday 18th May 2015, by four team members to Belmont Primary School, Ryecroft Lane, Belmont village in the heart of the West Pennine Moors, to give a presentation to the young pupils on the work of the team.

Attending from the team in one of our Land Rover Defender Mountain Rescue Ambulances, were call out list
team members Martin Battersby, Equipment Officer – Water Dave Cook, David Crawford and John Dickinson.
We are now delighted to report that via Dave Cook, we have received six wonderful, very kind letters from Year Six pupils at Belmont Primary School, giving thanks for our visit;

The following are extracts from each thoughtful and very well written letter, each one a credit to the pupil concerned and to Belmont Primary School;

“Thank you very much for coming to our school to show us what you do.

We all enjoyed this informative and educational demonstration.

the most exciting part of this privilege was when our Head Teacher Mrs Peel had pretended to break her leg, arm and back and we carried her to the Land Rover.

I have learned that it’s very hard to be part of mountain rescue.

Yours sincerely Katie Taylor.”


“My favourite part was when you put my Head Teacher in the big splint and then on to the stretcher.

It was funny, she had such good acting.

I have learnt that it can get very serious and that even the professionals can get injured from climbing up mountains.

Yours sincerely Oliver Ingham.”

“We just want to say thank you for coming to our school.

We learnt lots of things like CPR and the equipment, including the splints, sick gun (webmaster, this refers to our hand held suction unit to clear airways) the tent and the life jackets.

I liked the tent (webmaster – our survival shelter) for when it rains and it was very warm!

I enjoyed it because it was fun and i liked it when you put me in a splint, it was awesome and a good experience.

Yours sincerely Alex Mathieson.”


“It was very educational and taught all the Juniors what amazing work you do and how you help many people every year.

My favourite part was when you showed us the splints (webmaster – our vacuum splints) that went really hard, I think the all the class loved that bit.

We have learnt life saving skills like CPR and how to help people in danger.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with Belmont School Juniors ; we all enjoyed it.

Yours faithfully, Jude Turnbull.”


“I’m writing to say thank you about the workshops that you did to show us about all of what you do and how you do it.

The part that I loved the most was the part where you tipped Mrs Peel upside down.

I loved all the workshops you did and all the things you showed like the life jacket, breathing mask and lots more and also what you taught us all – I just loved it all.

I now know how much stuff you have to carry and all the things you have to deal with.
to me I thought it was very educational and that it was brilliant.

Yours faithfully, Chloe Booth.”

disk photo

“You do a life saving job day in day out so I’m just going to tell you how good you are again.

I’m writing to say thank you because I loved the experience.

It was amazing!

You must be very strong to carry all that life saving equipment.

I really enjoyed your viist to the school.

I loved every minute of it, especially when you tipped the Head Teacher upside down ! I bet Mrs Peel really liked that!

That was the best afternoon ever, thank you!

Yours faithfully, Sam Fullarton.”

We think all our readers will agree that each one of these kind letters was excellent, and it has really made our day to read all these very kind and nice comments.