Wonderful news from our friends and supporters at the Rotary Club of Turton

Yesterday our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received a very kind hand written letter from Colin Roberts, Treasurer, Rotary Club of Turton.

Garry has been invited to a charity beneficiaries presentation evening at the Rotary Club of Turton evening meeting of Thursday June 11th 2015, at 17.15hrs at their club venue of the Last Drop Village, Bromley Cross, Bolton.

Garry representing Bolton MRT, has been invited alongside other charities, all to receive kind and thoughtful supportive donations arising from the fundraising activities of Turton Rotary President Jim Turner during his year of office 2014 – 2015.

Please keep watching our website ‘News’ pages for a future report on this evening.

The whole team membership finds itself again in the position of offering our sincere thanks to the fantastic Rotarians at Turton Rotary Club for their much appreciated and kindly continuing support of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

Since September 2008, the kindly Rotarians of Turton Rotary Club have raised an astonishing £2,550.00 in seven separate donations to the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team, for which we are truly grateful.

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