Thanks expressed to experienced team Call Out list member Steve O’Hara

On Wednesday 27th May 2015, we reported within our website ‘News’ pages how whilst on a recent holiday in Derbyshire, team member Nick Berry had aided a young girl who had accidentally cut her finger badly with a knife whilst camping.

We mentioned how our skills and training are often called upon whilst we are out and about, aside from our team activities.

Experienced team operational member (and a member of our integral water team) Steve O’Hara, who lives in Little Hulton, has just returned from a weeks family holiday in Prestatyn, North Wales.

He mentioned upon his return in passing to our Team Leader, that whilst out body surfing in the sea on the holiday, he saw two young girls in apparent distress on a ‘breakwater,’ and he decided to investigate.

He said this was very fortunate, as when he reached the two girls, one had serious leg cuts due to slipping on the very sharp shell encrusted breakwater, the other had less serious cuts.

He assisted both girls to the safety of the beach, where he met up with the relieved mother of the two girls, and he drove all three back to their holiday camp accommodation, and then assisted the camp first aider with caring for the girls leg cuts.

Yesterday (Sunday 31st May 2015) we received the following very kind comments on the teams ‘Facebook’ account, from Tracey Thompson, the mother of the two girls involved;

“Tracey Thompson – Would like to thank Steve O’Hara, who while on his holidays, helped my 2 daughters back to shore as they were having great difficulty as they were swept onto the rocks by waves which were quite far out in the sea.

He also escorted us back to our accommodation and ensured that the both of them were in safe hands.

Many thanks to him.”

Such kind comments are always well received by the team and reflect on how our training and expertise can be called upon at any time.

Steve mentioned that being a father himself, he was only too ready to help, and hopes the girls have now fully recovered from their experience.