Incident 51/2015 – Team DVSD Handler Dave Marsh journeys to Poulton Le Fylde to assist with search incident

At 11.37hrs this morning the team was contacted via SARCALL by the Team Leader of Bowland Pennine MRT Kev Camplin, requesting the assistance of our DVSD Handler and Search Dog, in regards to an on going search incident at Poulton Le Fylde.

Our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE answered the call at 11.50hrs, and liaised with what supporting Bolton MRT assets may be required, given that we might also be called out for a continuation of the previous evenings search.

At 11.54hrs Garry liaised with our DVSD Handler Dave Marsh, who then contacted Kev Camplin for more details and deployed on to this incident, not requiring at this point any further support from his Bolton MRT colleagues.

There follows an account of the search by Dave Marsh;

“Today, our Drowned Victims Search Dog Sasha and Handler Dave Marsh, were called to assist in the search of a missing person in Poulton-leFylde.

An 82 year old gentleman had gone missing from his home address on the morning of 16th June 2015.

Fears for his wellbeing had intensified as the missing man  suffers from Altzeimers.

Search assets from Bowland Pennine MRT, Lancashire Constabulary, SARDA and HMCG were all deployed to this search.

Dave and Sasha along with a member of our sister team – Bowland Pennine MRT, used the water search capabilities which Sasha has been trained.

Dave arrived at the search RVP at 13.55hrs, and deployed at 14.15hrs.

A long, meandering sea filled dyke was included in the search area, which was inspected as an area of priority, with all allocated search areas for Dave and Sasha completed by 15.30hrs.

To date the man is still missing.”

The missing man was later located safe and well, as reported by Lancashire Constabulary.